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wine tasting in Monltacino.

Along the old road that once linked Siena to the sea, you reach the village of S. Angelo Scalo, a small town grew up over the years around the old railway station.

Thanks to the development of viticulture and wine resonance that is produced there, the "Brunello", has become the focal point of the economy of the area. At the entrance of the park of the Val D'Orcia, it is immersed in a landscape where nature prevails over everything and his show can be seen immersed in total tranquility.

And the ideal place to move to the many valuable cultural centers within a few minutes drive, as well as being just a few kilometers from the sea and from the mountain Amiata.

And here that has arisen from the restructuring of one of the oldest houses of the village, the wine shop "CHALICE DIVINE", a refined that in addition to the exhibition and sale also features an underground cellar that houses an extensive wine personal collection Italian and foreign of the last 50 years.

The assortment of wines is extensive, however, almost all concentrated on those of the wine-growing zone of which we are in the middle (Montalcino - Montecucco), in addition to wine there are other local products such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, grappa and our production of jams.

wine tasting Montalcino, Calice Divino. wine tasting inside Montalcino, Siena.


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